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By: Bob Mosley 1/5/18


The following is a summary of the finished, ongoing and projects, started or soon to be started projects moving Kings Point forward into the new year.


Main clubhouse Parking lot










The progress on this project was slowed late last year due to the hurricane and unavailability of contractors who were helping to get everyone through a most devastating weather event. The weather and the holidays also helped to slow things down. Here is where we stand currently; Pictures of the irrigation piping completed as well as the new proper soil installed in the islands show the progress. The irrigation contractor has just called for and received his final inspection. The landscaping contractor is now in the process of installing top soil into the islands and island extensions to provide proper soil for the plants. He will next be installing, trees, plants, and mulch and making sure that the correct irrigation is to the new plantings. We are hoping to see this completed in the next few weeks. As soon as the landscaping is completed the asphalt contractor will be patching the various areas throughout the parking lot followed by sealcoating of the entire parking lot area, the final step will be to apply the code compliant Handicapped parking designations, walk areas and signage.


Flanders Entrance

Shortly after the Thanksgiving Holiday the new Flanders entrance trellises were completed. The new trellises are totally made from aluminum and welded closed at the seams and then were powder coated. Unlike the trellises that were existing that were wood; the new trellises are stronger, lighter and will not rot. The two larger trellises; East and West of the entrance are illuminated at night for a pleasant visual affect.



Normandy Pavilion Restrooms

Finally, after a long time in planning, engineering and even more time in obtaining the required permits the new restroom building was started just before the holidays. The construction will commence again next week and I am sure that everybody will be happy to see it finally completed in a few short months. Pictures of the foundation forms in the ground show the start of construction. We will be providing more pictures as the construction progresses. This new facility when completed will be a welcome addition given its location right next to the Normandy Pavilion that was erected a few years ago.


Normandy Entrance Sign

In addition to the many trees and landscaping planting that were lost in the September hurricane; an additional casualty was our Normandy entrance sign. Shortly after the dust settled and the hugh mounds of debris were started to be cleared from Kings Point; your management was aware of and sought to select a contractor to have a new entry sign installed. The part of talking to contractors happened rather quickly. As with any project that requires a county permit, that is where the process slows down. We have a contractor with an accepted proposal; the only thing we now need is an approved permit. In the meantime because we know that there are new owners here at Kings Point and also residents both new and old have family and friends that visit over the holidays and winter season and they may not be totally familiar with the many entrances especially if there is no outer street side indication at the entrance that indicates Kings Point; we have installed a (TEMPORARY) sign.

This will be replaced with the permanent sign