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August – 2017

Monday – 7:30PM/Tuesday 1:00PM w/ Closed Captioning – Main Clubhouse Theatre
(Location and Movie Subject to Change)
Late arrivals will not be admitted entry


August 7th & 8th
Rated PG-13, Run Time 116 Minutes
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

During the 120 year journey of the “Starship Avalon” to distant planetary colony, a computer glitch rouses mechanic Jim Preston from hibernation decades ahead of schedule. Desperate for company, Preston wakes up female journalist Aurora Dunn.

August 14th & 15th
Rated PG-13, Run Time 110 Minutes
Starring: Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson

In the 1990s well known-Holocaust denier David Irving sued historian Deborah Lipstadt – issuing a complaint under British law requiring the American academic to prove that the greatest atrocity of World War II actually place.

August 21st & 22nd
Rated PG-13, Run Time 123 Minutes
Starring: Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga

Recounting a landmark chapter in the struggle for civil rights, this absorbing drama depicts the 1958 arrest and imprisonment of Richard and Mildred Loving for violating Virginia’s law against interracial marriage.

August 28th & 29th
Rated R, Run Time 128 Minutes
Starring: Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore

After delivering the weapons that will end World War II, the USS Indianapolis crew is denied the celebration of a mission accomplished when their ship is sunk by the Japanese. Stranded at sea, the survivors face hunger, thirst and shark attacks.