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There are six entry gates to the Kings Point community. The Monaco and Flanders Gates are manned and open 24 hours a day, every day. The Main Gate (Atlantic Ave) and Normandy Gate are accessible from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm). The Burgundy and Saxony Gates are “RESIDENT ONLY” gates and are accessible between 6:30 am to midnight by residents who have purchased a gate control device.

Guest, vendors/service providers and residents (who have not purchased a barcode) must enter the community through the “GUEST LANE” (left-hand lane at all four manned gates). All vehicles in the Guest lane must be on the guest list and should be ready to tell the officer who it is they are coming to see, provide requested documentation and have their entrance logged in before proceeding. Commercial and vendor vehicles must have proper and adequate signage on their vehicle or they will be denied access. After 7:00 pm no delivery or commercial trucks permitted. (Excluding emergency vehicles.) Residents should inform their guests and vendors/service providers of these policies prior to their arrival at Kings Point. To prevent a major infrastructure collapse, tractor trailer trucks, overland/interstate and multi-freight haulers (18 wheelers) will not be allowed on property.


The barcodes work at five entrance gates, Burgundy, Flanders, Monaco, Atlantic and Normandy. They are available at the ID Office for purchase and are non-refundable. Barcodes may be purchased by permanent residents and lessees with a Kings Point ID and are able to present a valid registration. Barcodes will not be issued to motorcycles or company owned vehicles. RFID windshield tags for the Saxony Gate are also available for purchase at the ID Office.