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Classes -MOBILE

Ballroom Dance* Nia 
Canasta (Beg. & Int.)*
Ceramics Tai Chi
Chair Fit 20/20/20
Computers Water Aerobics
Good Moves Water Fit & Pilates
Ira’s NuLine Dance  Woodshop Safety
Joy of Opera* Yoga 
Meditation  Zumba Gold

*Seasonal Only

Personal Training

Chair Fit

Training Room



Kings Point offers many educational and entertaining classes to the residents and the surrounding communities. The Educational Committee recommends to the Board of Directors the scope and cost of the classes, while the Staff Office employees schedule and conduct the day to day operation of the activities. Ideas for new classes are welcomed. Please contact the Staff Office!

Class registration generally begins the last week of each month for the following month’s classes. Registration for all classes is subject to availability on a first come first serve basis. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment or instructor availability. Refunds will be given only if a registration card is present and the second session of the class has not begun.

Refunds given before the class begins are subject to a service and registration fee. If a refund is requested after the first session has been completed then the refund will reflect, the cost of the session, a registration fee and a service fee. Cancellation: Should a class be cancelled, all registrants will be notified and given a full refund or, if some sessions have been held, then a partial refund will be issued. Refunds are given at the Main Clubhouse Box Office.

Outside Community Policy: The Outside Community is welcome to register for any of our classes. The Atrium Box Office, located in the back of the Main Clubhouse, on the left hand side, just before you enter the Atrium, will be opened for your convenience (see Box Office Menu on the home page for dates and times of operation).