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Bus Schedule



The Kings Point Bus System is for the exclusive use of the community’s residents and their guests. The buses travel seven days a week from 8:15 AM to approximately 5:15 PM with the exception of event nights. There is no charge to ride and the buses are handicap accessible. The Kings Point buses will only stop at or across the street from designated bus stops. Our buses will not stop at other requested locations. The four buses serve the community as follows:

Two buses (the B/C and D/E Buses) provide pick-up throughout the community and take residents from their homes to the community’s clubhouses. These buses also serve the Oriole Plaza until late afternoon. Residents can transfer to the Shopping Loop Bus from any of the clubhouses.

The Shopping Loop Bus provides transportation to the immediate area around Kings Point. This bus travels to Delray Community Hospital and makes various stops along Military Trail and Atlantic Avenue.

The Mall Bus leaves only from the Main Clubhouse and provides service to the Super Target on Congress Avenue every Saturday and will alternate Wednesday’s between the Boynton Beach Mall and The Plaza at Delray.

The Shopping Loop Bus and The Mall Bus schedules are subject to change.

All four buses leave the Main Clubhouse at the same time on an hourly schedule. Kings Point bus schedules are available at the Clubhouse Service Desk in the Main Clubhouse or at the ID Office. The bus schedules have detailed stop information of the areas served.

Please remember that all scheduled times are approximate. We suggest getting to the bus stop no less than 10 minutes before the scheduled time.


All riders must show the bus driver the appropriate Kings Point ID or pass. It is helpful to the bus drivers if you have your Kings Point ID card ready to show before boarding the bus. The following ID Cards are acceptable:

  • Resident ID
  • Card Lessee ID
  • Card Temporary
  • Family Resident ID
  • Card Health Aide ID
  • Card Guest ID Card


  • Be courteous to your fellow bus riders and your bus driver. ·
  • If the bus is full, please give your seat to someone who may be less able to stand for the trip. ·
  • Riders using walkers or canes should always have preference for available seating. ·
  • Certain seats on the bus are not available for use should someone in a wheelchair need them.
  • Please move to another seat when requested by the bus driver. ·
  • Seats on the lower level of the bus should be saved for those passengers who have difficulty climbing stairs. ·
  • Please refrain from speaking with the bus driver while the bus is in motion. ·
  • Remain seated whenever the bus is in motion. ·
    When all seats are occupied, standing is allowed only in designated areas and should be done so only by riders capable of doing so, at their own risk.
  • Have your Kings Point ID card ready and show it to the driver as you board the bus.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking on the bus are prohibited.
  • Please keep packages and personal belongings off the seats and keep them in your lap or below your seat.
  • Reserving of seats is not allowed.
  • Buses will stop only at designated bus stops or directly across the street from a designated bus stop.
  •  When leaving, do not walk in front of the bus.

Please remember that the bus driver’s and the community’s foremost concern is for the safety of all passengers.
Please respond to the bus driver’s requests.

TOUR BUS PROCEDURES Kings Point clubs, groups or associations may plan group social trips. These trips may be for one day or perhaps for a week or longer. Trip representatives may contact Staff Office concerning any changes up to 24 hours prior to departure.

  • A group leader is responsible for checking parking availability prior to scheduling their trip with the bus company and must return a completed form for approval to the Staff Office.
  • Tour buses should arrive no more than 15 minutes before the designated pick-up time and should depart within 30 minutes.
  • Resident and non-resident vehicles will be allowed to park in designated parking area(s) only.